Friday, April 3, 2009

Run Forest! Run!

This past Saturday we traveled to Raleigh to see my sister run a half-marathon. She did absolutely magnificent although when I saw her at about the 2 hour park she was ready to quit. She was beating herself up and completely devastated, but still going nevertheless. I was so impressed. It amazes me how anyone can run that many miles in a row and still move the next day.

I really wanted to try for a half this year as well even though I knew I would have to walk a good bit of it, but with the pregnancy (finally) it doesn't look like it's going to happen. There's always next year, right? In the meantime I'll just live vicariously through my awesome sister. Go Whit!!!

I didn't get good pictures of this race, but I've posted a few below. BTW, stay tuned for a couple fabulous Julianna stories from the trip.


Nanna said...

We are so proud of her!!

Emily said...

Did I read that right!!!?!?!!!

dancing_lemur said...

I laughed at "how anyone can run that many miles in a row." Seriously. I think I can do like maybe 1 mile in a row on the treadmill. I can walk for hours, though.

Congrats on your pregnancy! :)

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