Tuesday, December 29, 2009

growing like a Joshua weed

We just got back from Josh's two month check-up.  He is doing great!

Here are his stats:

2 months 1 week old
weight - 14 pounds 11 ounces
length - 24.25 inches
head circumference - 16 inches

Still at the top of the charts for height and weight and in t he middle for head circumference just as he was at birth.  He has been growing beautifully and everything checked out fine.  He got three shots and one oral vaccination for rotavirus.  He took it all like a champ though and was easily comforted afterwards. 

He's a tad congested today and coughing up a little phlegm.  It's so pitiful when you can't do anything to make a baby feel better.  Julianna never got sick this early so it's hard to deal with, but of course since he's the second kid he's going to have a lot of firsts earlier than she did.

We've been working on letting him soothe himself to sleep a little.  Not letting him cry himself to sleep, but we just put him down when he's getting sleepy and let him grunt and sigh and kick around a little until he falls asleep on his own.  It doesn't always work, but he's certainly getting better at it.  That's something we didn't know how to do with Jules and I wish we had because it helps tremendously.

So all is well.  How are you?


Anna Ruth said...

That's great news about Joshua! He is healthy and that is wonderful. The second child I'm sure it is easlier because you learned what to do and not do.

Mama Llama said...

what a sweet family! saw you on the TSP mommy blogroll! Happy New Year!

R.J.M. said...

Love the title of this post! You have a cute site. I saw it on the Triad Smarty Pants list today and will definitely be checkign back in!

merritt said...

Great growin', Joshua!

I've taken to calling Finn "Mr. Grunt" because he does it all the time, especially when going to sleep or waking up. Sounds like he and Joshua could be good friends; or at least grunt together a lot.

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