Monday, December 28, 2009

two links I love

I just discovered WiseStamp and I'm in love.  WiseStamp lets you customize your email signature with whatever design you like (including graphics) and you can even add RSS feeds and Twitter/Facebook/Other Social Media links.  It works with bunches of different email services.

Only problem is that it's currently only available for Firefox users.  I used to be a huge Firefox fan until I discovered Google Chrome a year or so ago.  I've been using Chrome ever since.  However, I may have to switch back to Firefox just to use WiseStamp because I love it so much.  We'll see.


I'm also loving Triad Smarty Pants, a site I just recently started reading.  Turns out they've profiled a couple of people that I know and besides the information they provide on events happening around the Triad they also hold some pretty awesome giveaways.  If you're in the Triad area you should definitely subscribe to the blog

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