Thursday, December 9, 2010

the weather outside was frightful

Julianna and I had a quick ten minutes in between two Christmas celebrations last Sunday so we quickly drove to downtown Kernersville to watch a bit of the parade.  Jonathan was at home so that Josh could nap so Julianna and I took a chance at finding a parking spot downtown real fast and then running to the edge of the main street.

Other than at Disney World, it was the first parade that Jules had been to.  It was so extremely cold and like an idiot I did not have a coat.  I was driving Jonathan's car so I looked through the trunk and found an extra T-shirt and thermal underwear top and put it on over my shirt.  Fortunately, Julianna did have her thick coat on.

We found a parking spot one block away and hurried to the edge of the street just in time for the parade to go by.  The crowd was not too thick, probably because it was so cold, so we got right up to the front.  We saw lots of old cars, fire trucks, police cars, dancers, marching bands, and cheerleaders.  We also saw a jump-rope squad, the mayor, and some bag-pipers.  In that first picture up there is one of my dad's old friends who was elected several years ago to the NC House and the second picture is of students from Oak Ridge Military Academy.

We stayed for about the first 15 minutes until we could no longer take the cold.  It was the perfect little parade and just the right amount of time for a 4 year old.  It reminded me of the days in high school when we were required to participate in the parade each year for our dance team.  I hated it then, but it seems like such a fun part of starting the holiday season for a small town.  I'm glad we found a small amount of time for the parade this year.

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