Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frosty Fifty anyone?

My goal a long time ago was to complete at least one race every year for the rest of my life.  Actually, I think it was just to run in a race every year for the next ten years, but I believe I will just go ahead and change it to "particpate in a race each year for the rest of my life."

In 2008 I succeeded.  Last year I failed miserably.  I don't know if it was being pregnant for the majority of the year or what but that should have been no excuse and I should have at least completed one event.  Anyway, I thought about doing the Running of the Lights race at the Tanglewood Festival of Lights on New Year's Eve last year just to meet my goal but when I realized that it actually started in 2010 and therefore wouldn't count, I quickly decided against it.  So I didn't meet my goal for last year.

This year, however, I have done much better.  The events I have completed this year are as follows:

  • Mission Mile 5k on 7/31
  • Ramblin' Rose Sprint Triathlon on 8/22
  • Tanger Outlets 5k on 9/11
  • Crop Walk on 10/17
  • JDRF Walk on 10/23
  • Mercy 5k on 11/6
Nothing spectacular, but I certainly met my goal and I'm proud of myself.  Besides, a lot of these races donate quite a bit of the proceeds from the participant's registration to charity and I'm happy to support that.  Next year I just want to get started earlier in the year and since I won't have a newborn baby I have no excuse not too.

Now, who's going to join me?

1 comment:

Nanna said...

Wow Courtney, that is good!! I am so proud of you!!

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