Friday, January 19, 2007

more goals and stuff

“The most radical, powerful act ever undertaken by any human being remains the act of committing oneself, beyond reservation, to a worthy personal mission.” -Christopher Childs

So I have a new goal.

This year I’ll be 29, right? I’ve decided that I want to run in at least one road race each year for the next ten years. Even if I have to run in the “One Mile Fun Run” I have set a goal to do one a year until I’m 39. Do you think I can?

I’m starting this year off with the St Leo’s School 5K in March. Most of you know that 5K is only 3.1 miles and I’m already running at least 2 miles three times per week so I know I can do that. My goal after that is a 10K but I’m not putting that one down on paper just yet…

Anyone want to join me? You can sign up here.

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