Thursday, January 25, 2007

ten months

Dear Julianna,

Wow! Times flies! You just turned ten months old and I can’t believe that in just two short months we’ll be celebrating your birthday! The first few months of your life you changed so rapidly. The next few not so fast, but now it’s like all of a sudden you are a true little… well… person. You’ve got your own way of communicating and a definite sense of unique personality. You’ve become such a big girl and it seems more and more that you’re no longer a baby.

This month you’ve been clearly expressing your wants and needs by pointing us in the direction you want to go or tugging on our hands and arms. You grunt and babble as a sure indication of what you want us to do and you don’t need to cry nearly as much to tell us what you like or dislike (except when it comes to food – you’ve started crying when we give you veggies and pointing at the fruit or yogurt – smart girl).

You’re sleeping eleven hours at night and two during the day. You’re drinking three bottles and eating three meals plus two snacks daily with milk or juice in a sippy cup (and yes, sometimes you crawl over and grab a piece of cat food or two, but mama tries not to let you). You’re 23 pounds and 29 inches. You’ve moved into a bigger car seat and bigger clothes (sometimes 18 - 24 months size). Plus, you’ve moved up to the big babies Sunday School class. You’re growing up so fast!

The most exciting news this month is that you’ve begun to walk a few steps at a time – ten or twelve before you fall. Daily we can watch you become more and more brave as you willingly let go of whatever stable object you would have previously grabbed with a death-drip and venture out a few feet on your own. Yesterday you walked all the way across Nanna and Papaw’s office! Unfortunately, as a result of all the walking you’ve had lots of bumps and bruises this month, but you’re also certainly now a very independent girl.

You say, “Hey” and “Bye” and you may have even said "Papaw" a time or two. You can wave and clap. You’re just learning how to blow a kiss. We’re still working on the sign language. You can sign “more” and “milk” and you’re improving everyday. We’ve also gotten several adorable videos of you laughing this month. Your laugh is infectious and thank God you do it often. We love to hear you laugh!

You still absolutely love to work on the computer with anyone who will let you. But not long ago you somehow figured out how to turn Mama’s screen display upside down so we try to only let you play with it as a special treat.

Jules, you saw your first snow this month and you weren’t that impressed. One day soon you will understand the joy of that. I can’t wait for the day in the future where you really bask in the thrill of a “Snow Day.” You also celebrated your first Christmas this month and it certainly brought a new meaning to the holiday to your Daddy and I. (Your grandparents certainly do spoil you!) We all can’t wait to share Christmas with you next year when you understand it a little better!

You know what else you can do now? You can identify people in pictures when we ask questions such as, “Where’s Daddy?” You talk to Nanna and Papaw on the phone and smile. When Daddy comes home, you smile a great big smile, squeal with joy and either walk or crawl to him. We’ve had several special, “cuddly” moments with you this month when you’ve gently rested your head against our shoulders and just let us hold you. You don’t sit still much so it is such a special moment when it happens. We are enjoying every day with you, Julianna! We love you!

Love, Mama

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Nanna said...

Julianna, I can certainly echo all of those comments from your Mama. You change every day. Just like yesterday when you walked so independently out of the room. We love you so much and enjoy every day with you.
Wow! Ten months. "Time flies when you are having fun."

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