Wednesday, January 24, 2007

why am i so sensitive?

Why am I so dern sensitive?! My feelings get hurt so easily sometimes that it’s even a little funny, if not sad. I get hurt when someone doesn’t put forth the effort to come see me when we’ve been trying to arrange a visit for months. I get hurt when people don’t want to stay at our place at the beach when we get a group together to go even though they’ll pay MUCH more by going somewhere else. I get hurt when someone makes a joke with which they intend no harm, but my ego still gets a little bruised. Why am I like this? I don’t want to be. It's not like it's any big deal what happens because life is busy and stuff just happens, so I shouldn't care one way or the other. When I think about things like this I often wonder if it a male/female thing or if it’s just personality types or what.

Anyway, I’ve been catching up on some school work this morning and putting away laundry. Now I have to go get some grades entered before the little girl wakes up… actually I hear her now…

Have a good day everyone!

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