Wednesday, January 10, 2007

fat girl running

do you remember Steve Vaught? he was the guy who decided to walk all the way across America to lose weight.

well, he made it.

he also gave me a lot of inspiration. it was unimaginable to me that someone would have the kind of dedication it took to quit their job and totally commit months of their life to get healthy. i would read his online journal pretty regularly to see where he was in his journey and basically just sit in awe of his coolness.

every once in a while i still check back at his website to read his latest thoughts and see his ongoing progress. and besides everyone who has ever lost weight knows that the hardest part is living a regular daily life at home trying not to put the weight you've already lost back on - just ask Erik of The Biggest Loser (another of my heroes).

anyway, my weight loss goals are moving along. as of this morning i've lost 10.5 pounds since the middle of December. i'm back to running three times a week and i have a 5K and a 10K on my calendar. yesterday i ran 2.25 miles straight! i like to think of myself as the Fat Girl Running! :) i just want to be able to run the whol 5K without stopping to walk and i am satisfied with that as my first goal.

i still have about 24 pounds to lose to get to my big goal, but my first goal is to just get back to my pre-baby weight before Julianna's first birthday. that means i've got to lose another 6.5 pounds over the next 2.5 months. i can definitely do that!

well, now my sister is getting closer and closer to moving out and it makes me really sad. she has been the biggest encouragement to me to start running and keep running and eat healthy. maybe if she buys this house she's looking at then i can run on over and see her sometime. it's only 11.4 miles!


Whitney said...

Yes, you have to come see me all the time. You and Jules can come over on your way home from M&D's and we can walk/run her to the park and look at all of the pretty houses in Ardmore.

2.25 miles! Holy Cow! All three of us are AWESOME!

Courtney said...

11.4 miles? That's totally runnable! (assuming you've been training, I couldn't run 11.4 miles right now if my life depended on it!) How cool would it be to be able to run to your sis's house!


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