Monday, January 8, 2007

UPDATED - the going's on during delurking week

I had a great weekend, but I really don't know where the time goes. We had nothing to do really this weekend and then it was just POOF! Over! We went to the grocery store, also to a funeral visitation, watched Pirates of the Caribbean, I did a little school work and some cleaning. Saturday we even spent some time outside at the park. It was a beautiful day and I was getting a little bored with the treadmill so we decided to go to the park. Julianna enjoyed it I think. It's unusually nice for January.

Anyway, this week will be another busy one. I have two meetings after school this week. I have to take a meal to a family in our SS class that had a baby. I have an appointment at Dream Dinners. Two nights I have to run and I have to get a baby gift sometime for a friend who's pregnant that I'm going to visit out of town on Saturday.

And I realized that I've never mentioned our goals for January (you know I've always got to have goals). We're trying to put aside my pay check each pay period and see how well we live off of only big J's. We've planned to eat out for dinner only two times a week (major cut-back for us), eat lunch out only once per week for each of us, and spend one night each week gathering and posting some old collectible stuff and recent bridesmaids dresses on Ebay. This means a lot of cooking at night and packing lunches for me. We've also changed our phone service to Vonage to save a few bucks each month. We'll see how it goes at the end of the month of course.

You know what else? My baby's growing up. She's moving up to the older babies sunday school class. They don't want her to be pulling up on everything and get hurt (translation: pull up and then walk on another baby). She also moved into a bigger car seat this weekend. I cannot believe how fast time goes by!

One last thing. Today is the start of Delurking Week. That means that if you read a blog regularly but hardly ever comment, you are considered a “lurker” and this week you need to change that. Don't worry though, there are many of us that lurk regularly, myself included. (Especially with the popularity of feed readers like Bloglines and Google's fabulous reader services). I read 10+ blogs daily, but only leave comments on a few of them. Therefore, I too am going to set a goal to make sure that every blog I read today gets a comment. I hope you will join me. To encourage you to comment here, I will follow Zoot's lead and donate $1 to charity for every comment that I get on this post. As she says, "If you don’t have anything to say to contribute to the entry you’re commenting on, just say, 'Happy De-Lurking Day from a Lurker!' Or maybe, 'You’re totally hot and smart and brilliant!' That always works too." :)

I'll give $1 for each comment to Girls Incorporated - a "national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold."


jt said...

You’re totally hot and smart and brilliant! Hey, you didn't marry me for my originality...

Nanna said...

I know you already know it, but time continues to fly by for that "little" girl. She just walked across the floor to see Papaw and didn't even pause!
Oh I think you are smart and brilliant too :)

Whitney said...

I didn't read it yesterday, so I guess my comment doesn't count. You're not donating your comment dollars to the 100% goal you were talking about last night?

I think you're smart and brilliant too, but I'm even more proud of you for being dedicated to your wellness goals!!!!!

Merritt said...

Hi, Courtney,

I'm thrilled you introduced me to the idea of Delurking Week! I needed a good excuse to rant to my lurkers about commenting, and this provides a nice way to do it! =)

I enjoy catching up your life out East, so thanks for blogging!

Ashley said...

Hi! I love your blog and your little girl is adorable! Check out my blog at

Diane said...

Courtney, What a great idea. I found you at Diary of a Playgroup Dropout as I signed up with Beth, too.

Beth said...

Ha-ha, I just cost you another buck!

Swistle said...

I love the idea of Delurking Week! I read a ton of blogs but often feel shy about commenting. On some blogs, especially ones where there seems to be an established "community" of commenters who know each other, I even feel like maybe I shouldn't comment. But this week I'm banishing shyness! So--hi!

Courtney said...

Wow! What a great idea!!! I'll have to comment on Miss Zoot's site too. Hooray for de-luking! :)

Annie said...

Hi-I never know how to begin to comment on blogs of people I don't know but now I have the excuse...I'm just delurking :)


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