Friday, July 6, 2012

by the numbers

I cannot believe it is already July 6th!  Where did the first half of the summer go?  I actually went to Old Navy to buy a bunch of school uniform clothes for Julianna yesterday.  It will be back-to-school time before you know it!

For now, I give you...

Last month by the numbers:
  • people sick in my house: 2
  • perfect report cards mailed to our address: 1 
  • miles run: 40.8
  • books read to myself: 5
  • books read to the children: 98 (probably not quite that many but it feels like it)
  • children night-time potty trained: 1
  • pounds lost: 7
  • water balloons filled: 32
  • average temperature: 86
  • pets lost: 1
  • incidents with the neighbor's dog: 1
  • birthday parties attended: 0 (June may be my new most favorite month)
  • movies watched in the theater: 2
  • Olympic Trials watched: 1,320,876 (well, maybe not that many)
  • scrambled eggs eaten: 18 (Yes, I know! It's phenomenal! I've finally learned to like eggs!)

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