Monday, July 23, 2012

thirty three months

Dear Joshua,

Oh boy!  You're thirty three months old as of yesterday.  Still keeping us busy and on our toes - always.

Some of your favorite things to do this month have included continuing to ask "Why?" about every single thing, drinking water from the slip-n-slide, learning to ride your bike with training wheels, mowing the grass with Daddy, and continuing to refuse nutrient rich food and beg for junk food.

Like the sugar crumbs leftover after eating a glazed doughnut:

You still willingly go take a nap.  Sometimes you'll even ask for one a few minutes before the usual time.  You almost always tell your sister kindly, "Goodnight, Julianna" without us even prompting and you eagerly give kisses before bedtime to anyone who asks.  I love that you don't fight us on this.

I also love that you're finally fully potty-trained.  We transitioned you to wearing underwear at night just as soon as school got out and you've only had two accidents in the last six weeks.  No more diapers in this house!

You like to be held and carried especially when we're standing around talking to other adults.  Or if there's another adult talking to you, you'll get behind our legs and act bashful or raise your arms up to us like a little bitty boy and ask to be picked up.  I'll continue to pick you up as long as you want me to, Buddy.

You've made some progress on swimming this month.  You'll jump in the pool all on your own now and there's no fear about whether or not there's an adult there ready to catch you.  You go under the water and come right back up kicking vigorously but you can't seem to make your body go forward in the water.  You don't even hesitate about going off the diving board.  It's certainly a great start.

With me being home all the time for summer you've gotten a little hesitant to go into your room at church or preschool classroom for camp without me.  Separation anxiety a bit I guess, but it's nothing we can't talk you into doing thank goodness.

On Saturday you fell off a slide at the playground.  Daddy was in line to sign your sister up for swim lessons and you were a few feet away playing with Jules.  Apparently you decided to go down the slide but then when you got to the top of the six foot ladder you changed your mind and tried to turn around and come back down the steps.  You slipped, rolled down and fell into the mulch, landing on your head.  You started crying immediately but calmed down after a few minutes.  You had an enormous knot on your head within minutes and even ice didn't help too much.  After talking with a nurse at the doctor's office we decided to take you to the ER.

So what's the deal, kid?  You're not even three and this is your second visit to the ER.  Your sister's halfway to seven and she hasn't been once.  I know I'm not supposed to compare my children, but come on kid! Can't you just be a little bit more like her in the accident area?!

Anyway, after a thorough inspection and examination in the ER by multiple doctors it was determined that you could have some ibuprofen and go home.  We were told to "keep an eye on you" and bring you back if there were changes such as vomiting, inability to wake up, etc.  [Good to know, Doc.  Thanks, but do you know Joshua?  Keeping an eye on him is about as effective as trying to wrestle an alligator with bare hands.  I'm just saying, he's all boy.]  I'm so glad you're okay, Josh.  I was really worried about you.

Joshua, you've learned a lot about God this month.  You talk about Him often.  I love hearing you sing "My God Is So Big, So Strong and So Mighty..."  I am so grateful to you teachers at church in the Peak and to the storytellers that tell you about the Bible.  You are always telling us that God made everything.  You love to ask us about something like a restaurant, car, whatever and say, "Who made that restaurant?" and no matter what we answer you'll reply, "No, God made it!"  On Saturday your Aunt Brittany said to you, "I love that blanket! Did somebody make that for you?" and you quickly answered, "Yes, God!"  

Perhaps the funniest thing that you've done this month that I want to make sure I remember happened today at lunch.  You spilled applesauce all down the front of your shirt and you SCREAMED out, "SHOOT FIRE!"  Made me grin from ear to ear.

Little Buddy, you're exhausting and charming at the same time.  You're tough and curious.  Sometimes I wish I was a little bit more like you.  I'm so proud to be your Mama.  Thanks for making life so much fun!


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