Friday, March 28, 2014


Some of the exclamations I've overheard at my house this month:

(Referring to St. Patrick's Day) If Jane doesn't have on green tomorrow I won't pinch her. She's too little to understand.


How much is one two one? 121, that's a lot! That's more than Dad! That's probably as old as Nanna and Pap!


My cup is sort of like a dementor; when it gets close to me my skin gets all cold.

Bellatrix Lestrange for Book Character Day at school


I've got a bruise right here. My grandma and grandpa... they call it a strawberry.


Julianna: Well, you have to be nice if you want to go to heaven, Josh.
Me: Actually, that's not exactly correct. God wants us to be nice and do the right thing all of the time but since we can't He just wants us to pray and ask Jesus into our hearts and save us from going to hell because we do awful things.
Josh: What does that mean, Jules?
Julianna: You have to talk to God with your heart and say you believe in God.
Josh: I want to do that! How do I do that?!
Julianna: You just talk to God and He can hear you.

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Nanna said...

You gotta love these two!

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