Friday, April 11, 2014


Nanna: "Josh, your feet sure are smooth."
Josh: "I know that's why pap always calls me that."


"We got some sun today. Your cheeks are red."
"Mine are too."
"Yeah yours are as red as a potato."


"Pap, do you see Jules? She's over there in the ocean in the pink panties."


From the bathroom I hear a sing-songy voice over and over again:
"I'm big enough to do more than Jane. I'm big enough to do more than Jane."


"Jules, you know it was when we were at Target and we put that stuff up on the invader belt. I mean the tomato belt. No, I mean the conveyor belt!"


Josh, muttering under his breath, "I wish I was ten so then I could always be older than Jules!"

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