Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Several good songs came on in a row on K-LOVE the other day when we were out and about. The kids sang almost every word to the first two with me. Then an old school Third Day song came on and I began singing loudly.

Josh asked, "Mom, how do you know all the words?" I told him that this was an old song that I loved and that I even had the CD somewhere. He said, "Oh! Is this that macaroni guy?" It took me a minute to figure out he was talking about Toby Mac but when I did I finally answered his question and told him that it was a group called Third Day.


Josh asked me what an atom was a few days ago and I did my best explaining it to him. His response? "You mean my dookie is made up of atoms?"


Josh went to Tanglewood with his class last week and the park happened to be getting ready for the Festival of Lights during the time his class was there. Days later Josh randomly told me this story: "Mom, did you know that when they discovered America they were walking toward Tanglewood and they were scared because there was a sea monster chasing them?"


"Nanna, do you have an old cell phone that you're not using that I could give to my sister because she really wants one?"


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