Friday, November 7, 2014

random thoughts for Friday

bullet points full of randomness

  • If my husband is taking steroids (for a poison ivy/oak rash) then why I am eating like I am as well?
  • How do you decide what's on the menu for Thanksgiving? Do you always have the same exact things at your house or does it change? Does someone make a list and everyone divide it up? Ours will be a bit different this year since we are going to the beach with just my mom and dad and it's going to be a small challenge to figure out what to fix when there's only 4 of us (plus the two littles).
  • I picked up a few 2009 world almanac's that our media center was throwing away and I'm trying to think of some craft ideas that I can do with them. They're in very good condition. Any suggestions? Anyone seen anything cute on Pinterest with book pages?
  • Did you know that Target carries select TOMS now? I used to absolutely hate these shoes and I'm really not a huge fan now for myself. They're just too flat for my foot and the nasty plantar fascitis it's got going on, but my kids love them. They love that they can slip them on quickly and easily and they go with practically everything so I'm excited about this.
  • The top three things on my daughter's wishlist right now: a cell phone, contacts, and a fur vest. How hilarious is that?
  • I'm reading The Goldfinch and it's one of those books. I mean, it's one that since I'm in the middle of it I don't want to be working or eating or sleeping I just want to be reading. And since it's 784 pages that's a wee bit difficult.

Any randomness you want to add? Leave me a comment. Happy Friday!

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