Monday, May 1, 2006

sorry for not posting - i'm a slacker

Well, I had an awful day Thursday so I never did write. I was just depressed I think. Anyway, after a good weekend I feel much better. I have lost more weight and now only have 10.5 pounds to go. That makes me feel great. We got to go out to a nice dinner for Jonathan's birthday Friday night and then Saturday night we ate dinner with family. Sunday we made it to Sunday School and actually took Julianna to the nursery. I also went to a bridal shower yesterday for several hours. Now that I am pumping each night it is easier to get out and about which is helping my sanity. Besides, it obviously helps that Julianna is going about 6 hours between feedings one time each night so I am getting more sleep.

I have my six week post-partum doctor's appointment this week which should be interesting. I also want to get some more pictures posted on the website although I know that is probably low priority. I've got to start finding some time to exercise too. I have been taking Jules for a walk at least twice a week (most of the time we go three times each week) but I need to do more than that if I want to get the rest of this weight off before Amanda's wedding. I did try on the dress this weekend though and it does fit so that's good. I have been doing very well on my diet too so I am proud of myself (I'm saving up for that wedding cake - he he!). Well, I don't know anything else and I better go get some lunch before Julianna wakes up. Hope you have a great day!

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