Wednesday, October 24, 2007

she’s obviously feeling better today

I kept Julianna home from school yesterday and today because she had a fever and a runny nose. Her fever was as high as 102.4 Monday and 101.1 yesterday. This morning it was only 100.6 and several hours later only 99.1. We went to the grocery store and ran other errands this morning and then came home to eat lunch. Her appetite is back so I know she's feeling better. She has been very happy and lovey since we've been home from our trip, giving me tons of hugs and kisses at random times. Then today she's gotten a little testy again (back to normal) running away from me as we got out of the car and other such usual toddler behavior.

Yesterday when she was feeling so rotten, it was easy to get her to nap in the twin bed. A first that went well. Today we tried it again and I thought all was fine. Then she got out of bed and I put her back in and told her not to get out again that it was time to go night-night. She got out a second time and was all the way across the room playing with her lamb hanging out of her mouth by the time I got in there to her. Now she's back in the crib, supposedly napping. Instead she keeps saying over and over again, "Abby house." She must feel better.

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