Sunday, December 9, 2007


My friend makes these really awesome bibs (baby bibs and toddler bibs). I got a few a couple of weeks ago and got another one last week because they are just that awesome! Very cool patterns and very well made. If you're in the market for new bibs (or a nice baby gift) you should check out both of her online store(s).

Toddler Bib - airplanes

Toddler Bib w/ Pocket - Airplane Fabric

Baby Bib - Christmas Stockings

Baby Bib - Christmas Stocking Fabric

Toddler Bibs - gingerbread men & paisley

More Toddler Bibs w/ Pockets - Gingerbread Men and Paisley Fabric

1 comment:

Kelly said...

YOU ARE JUST THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!! I finally sat down to read your blog today and look what I found.... my bibs! Thanks for the support! I am so glad you like them! You are such an awesome friend!

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