Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the kindness of strangers*

Someone stumbled upon A is for beautiful this past weekend and left me a kind comment out of the blue. It made me so thankful once again to have this blog. I actually stopped to reply to the comment and started thinking about how I should blog more regularly. It is so nice to have encouragement from total strangers who stop by briefly and get a small glimpse of your life. It makes me very grateful to have my own little corner of the internet where I can not only jot down my thoughts and feelings for documentation purposes, but also where I can gain friendship and reassurance, strengthen my courage and self-worth, and save a little bit of my sanity.

Each time I get bored with the things on A is for beautiful something happens like this to keep me going and remind me why I write here. I need this space and all of you people out there in the big wide world.

Plus it's nice to get a comment every now and then that's not spam.

*I may have mentioned this already, but I recently read the book with this same title by Katrina Kittle. It was a very good read. It gave me lots to think about for days. I would highly recommend it. However (and this is a big however), it made me think about books being a lot like music albums with the explicit lyrics warning on the front or video games with the giant "Rated M" sticker. It's my opinion that books about sexual abuse, whether fiction or not, should come with some kind of warning label on the front of them. Because this is the third book that I have read since becoming a parent that has been about the sexual abuse of children without having one clue that that was what the book would be about. Third. That just turns my stomach a little bit. I read many a similar book before I had Julianna, but it's just a little different now. I just wish they would warn us. That's all. OK. Getting off my soapbox now.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Hi hi!

comment spam = yuck.
real comments = awesome.
comments seeking fashion advice = most awesome! :)

My sis's dress is from forever 21. I tried to look it up and find it online but their online sweater dress collection is pretty limited. My sis assures me that they have TONS of them in the store. (She also has one in olive green that is just darling!) Hopefully there is a forever 21 near you!!

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