Monday, December 10, 2007

i’m a copycat

I thought this idea was one of the most fabulous crafty ideas I'd ever heard of. So I copied it.

Jules is a little too young to be drawing her own monsters just yet so I just took a look at Esbee's photograph and free-formed my own little creature on some scrap fabric I had laying around. It took a little while to do because I'm an idiot and I stitched him up around the outside before I remembered to attach the button eyes and bright read mouth so I had to do that through the side hole. Anyway, Julianna seems to love him and I happen to think he's adorable. I asked her what we should call him and she told me, "Thomas." Where that came from I have no idea.

So without further ado...

Meet Thomas.


Thomas face

Thomas and Jules

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture with his bow still on so just imagine him with a friendly red ribbon tied lovingly around his neck.

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