Monday, September 29, 2008

a growing vocabulary

We have this set of 12 little itty bitty books all of them about Sesame Street characters. They came in a box set with a carrying handle and Jules like to carry them around and take them in and out of the box repeatedly. She knows each book by heart already and will sit and "read" them to herself several times a day if she sees them sitting nearby.

One of the books is about the sounds on Sesame Street. Julianna loves this particular book because she can make the loud sounds and she thinks it's funny. On one page it says, "Bam! Bam! Bam! Oscar's hammer goes Bam!" and she reads this one enthusiastically.

One day last week my mom was keeping Jules while I was working. She heard her from the other room saying, "Damn! Damn! Damn!" over and over again. I can only assume this came from the Sesame Street book and she mixed the words up, but of course with a toddler nothing's ever for sure. Anyway, my mom asked her what she was saying and she repeated it several times while slamming her hand down. So then my mom asks her, "Julianna did you hear your mom say that? Where did you hear that?"

And Jules replied, "My teacher say that."
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