Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what have you been doing?

<strong>My day last Tuesday:</strong>
wake the toddler and leave home at 5:30am
dress 3 children and run my preschool shuttle service from 7am-9am to drop off 2 children
home to shower and eat quick breakfast
dentist with 1 toddler 11am
quick lunch
work 1-5pm
home to unpack Chez Ami shipment

<strong>My day last Wednesday:</strong>
preschool dropoff 9am
meet with a lady for a Craigslist sale 10am
try go by Diet Center for salad dressing, etc but they're closed
get gas
preschool pickup 12pm
quick lunch and stop by to see sister12:30
work 1-5pm
make fruit salad and muffins 5:30-6pm
Journey Group 6:30-9pm

<strong>My day last Thursday:</strong>
make some party invitations 8:30am-10:30am
lunch meeting with Journey Group Pastor at our church 11am-12:30pm
work 1-5pm
quick dinner
Chez Ami party 8-10pm

<strong>My day last Friday:</strong>
preschool drop off 9am
Chez Ami party 10-12:30
quick lunch in car on the way to work
work 1-5pm
quick dinner
Chez Ami party 6-8pm
Mom's Night In at friend's house 8-11pm

<strong>Saturday and Sunday:</strong>
Chez Ami parties both days and then order entering
fortunately a <em>*little*</em> extra sleep

<strong>My day Monday (today):</strong>
preschool dropoff 9am
quick stop at Diet Center to pick up salad dressing, etc.
UPS store to send Chez Ami clothes back
consignment shop to drop a few things off
preschool pickup 12pm
quick lunch stop at park
work 1-5pm
5 'o clock traffic
quick dinner
tutoring 7-8:30pm

<strong>My day tomorrow:</strong>
I haven't really been able to think that far ahead yet. I know at some point this week I have a doctors appointment and I need to find time to make at least 10 more sets of cards (10 cards per set) for my first craft show of the fall season which is this Saturday.

Someone send help! Quick! Before I fall over!


Courtney said...

I got exhausted just reading all of that. Whatever you are on, I want some!

Courtney said...

I guess I've been in my own little "fog" but I just noticed your design link and it's probably been up there for months. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that it looks awesome. You're so creative and if I were to have the time and energy to dedicate to keeping up with a blog, I would certainly use your expertise/design skills. I hope others will take advantage of it!

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