Thursday, June 11, 2009

things I don't want to hear anymore

It's the last week of school.  I've spent the week managing dozens of disrespectful, energetic, uninspired elementary school kids in the 95 degree heat.  (One day so far without AC and another day outside all day at field day.)  Plus, I'm 5 months into my third pregnancy and I'm already exhausted, not sleeping well, and absolutely positively not comfortable.  And we're still broke.  Allow me to complain a little.

The following are things I could do without hearing for a while:
  • "You should aim to gain only about 25 to 30 pounds throughout the pregnancy."
  • the dog barking at 5am
  • "What are we doing for dinner?"
  • "Oh.  No one called you to tell you that your job for today was canceled?"
  • "I want to look at princesses on your 'puter."
  • "BB&T called again today."
  • my daughter grinding her teeth in her sleep
  • "We're out of milk."
  • "I don't like you!"
  • "Mrs. Tucker, are you pregnant?"
  • the sound of my dishwasher slowly dying
  • "Mommy, I want to watch Aladdin."


Whitney said...

I am sorry you are so uncomfortable and have a lot to complain about. Our dishwasher died last week in the storm, but we have plenty to be happy about!

Swistle said...

HA HA HA! I'm also done hearing any statement in Tattle Format: "Mommy, Edward _____ !!!" Oh, and I'm done hearing "I don't have any socks."

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