Friday, June 19, 2009

with Julianna all I wanted was cheese

In the past ten days or so I have had cravings for the following:

baby back ribs
grilled shrimp
salt and vinegar potato chips
hushpuppies with melted butter
Claussen dill pickles
gummy bears
steak and baked potato
a BLT loaded with bacon

Why can't I want healthy things like fresh fruit or veggies? I'm sure you've heard the stories of the women who just can't get enough oranges or whatever and they wake up in the middle of the night peeling and ravenously eating oranges over the kitchen sink. Why can't I be one of those women? I mean, seriously. Baby back ribs...?

Since these pregnancy cravings started my sodium intake has probably tripled. Not good.

Problem is, I would still be about willing to give my left arm for a hushpuppy tonight.

What did you crave when you were pregnant? Or just hungry and bored?


Anna Ruth said...

I love all the things you are craving. With the baby back ribs I'm thinking it might be a boy. Enjoy this time who cares what you eat. You are healthy and the baby is healthy, that's all that matters.

Southern Savvy said...

I'm now craving everything you listed. Thanks!

Amy Ellen said...

I crave those items too and I am not even pregnant, LOL. When I was pregnant I really craved pickles.

Emily said...

you should check out my blog in the next few days. A friend of mine said I could share her pregnancy shoot picture with friends. Hopefully I'll post it in the next few days.

Carissa said...

Bacon and Onions!! Two things I NEVER liked!! I would eat a whole pack of bacon by myself and had to have onions on everything!!

The Hughes' said...

A1, the bread with oil from Carrabba's

kelly b said...

ground beef w/ jack. i wanted it ALL THE TIME. it was sickening, but not to me. now this time, i can't stand it, but will eat it. my parents bought a cow and had it butchered and there is a ton of meat in my fridge and i wanted to spew after eating a fresh ground hamburger last night. all i could think of was that little cow.

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