Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is the kind of day I've had

We had one of those nights last night. You know the ones every three months or so where you find yourself changing wet sheets in the middle of the night.

I had to do a grocery store mystery shop today (which you are technically not supposed to bring children to, but mom and Julianna were with me so they got their own buggies and did their own shopping separate from me). Well, Julianna decided to misbehave and make it one of those shopping trips, pushing her kiddie cart around in people's way, selecting various items for the cart herself, running away from us, and grabbing and dropping plenty of other stuff along the way.

It was also 90-something degrees today and I started feeling sick as we were walking in to the grocery store. I had to sit down because I was shaking so badly. I think my blood sugar was low because once I drank a Pepsi I felt better right away. Just another one of those side effects of being pregnant I suppose.

With all the rain we've had lately, my child has not been able to run out any of her energy outside and I didn't particularly want to spend the afternoon out in the heat today so I spent the afternoon sorting baby clothes and starting to clean out the nursery while Jules entertained herself. That translates to a whole other slew of opportunities for her to act poorly making it one of those afternoons cooped up inside all day with a three-year-old.

Then as we were making dinner tonight Jules decided to CUT. HER. HAIR. Now she has a lovely 'do that unfortunately I think she's quite proud of.

I however, am not.

Yes it was one of those days.


Jerri said...

OMG!!!!!!!! lol i was wondering when this was gonna happen!!!! its kinda cute though! she has bangs!!! lol :-]

Nanna said...

She is adorable with ANY kind of hair cut!

Amy Ellen said...

I have heard of so many 3 to 4 year old girls cutting their hair. It seems like it is almost a right of passage. Jules' hair looks much better than one little girl I saw who had cut her hair. She cut ALL of it off and really short.

The Hughes' said...

looks good.

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