Thursday, January 14, 2010

life with two

Whew.  It's been a whirlwind of stuff going on around here.  A few days after we had Josh's two month check-up he woke up with a goopy eye.  At first I thought it was just a clogged tear duct but then the next morning it was actually green goop and only partially open.  We took him back to the doctor and it turns out he has pink eye.  This was a week ago today and we have no idea how he got it.  I've never had it, Jonathan's never had it and Julianna's never had it.  As far as we know no one in Julianna's class even had it.

Anyway, they gave me a prescription for eye drops and we've been giving them to him three times a day ever since.  Today is his last day and his eye is certainly clearer but still a little watery.  So I may have to call the nurse to ask about it.

He's been doing really great at night.  He will sleep from about 10 pm until about 4 or 5 am usually.  We tried to stop swaddling him a few nights ago and he consistently woke up a lot earlier (like 2 or 3am) so we went back to swaddling for a little while longer and he's back to sleeping almost all the way through the night.

He will still take his morning nap laying in the pack and play, but usually after that first nap he has trouble falling asleep on his on so I typically rock him.  He still eats really well and for that I am most thankful.  When we went to the doctor for the pink eye he weighed just short of 15 pounds.  He's my little chunk and I love it.  Although he is losing his hair and he has a comb-over mullet.

I went back to subbing a few times a week after Christmas.  It is extremely hard.  Not only was it hard to leave my baby, but it's amazingly difficult to deal with bottles and pumping after I've gotten used to the convenience of just nursing him when he's hungry and then being done with it.  Now I have to wash and prepare bottles of thawed breast milk each night before I go to work.  Then I have to get the pump washed and ready for work the next day.

Depending on where I'm working and what the schedule is like I have to figure out when I'm going to pump and where I'm going to go at that particular school.  It's surprisingly difficult to find closets or restrooms with electrical outlets and privacy for me to pump.  Just when I'll get a classroom with no windows or doors and think I can stay there to pump at lunch or planning then it will be the classroom that is used by a different teacher at lunch.  So anyway I've been taking both the electric pump and the manual pump just in case (plus a cooler and ice packs, etc, etc).  It's much more trouble than just staying at home with the baby.

When Jules was 3 months old I was dealing with washing and making up bottles each night anyway so it wasn't such a big deal to go to work one day.  I guess now I'm a little spoiled with the ease of breastfeeding which is a good thing.  I just like to complain.  :)  Huh.  Just ask my husband.

It's absolutely wonderful being just a sub though.  I can jet out of there as soon as classes are over and I don't take any work home which is awesome.  I especially enjoy the flexibility of canceling a job when one of the kids needs to go to the doctor or whatever and then also the flexibility of working more when we need more money.  Plus I really love the variety I get everyday in subject matter and also in the kids ages and socioeconomic status.  The only things I don't like are the fact that it's hard to build relationships with students that you don't see regularly and, of course, that it's only about half the money of a regular teaching job.

Most everyone I talked to when I was pregnant with Josh said that the transition to being a Parent of One to being a Parent of Two was harder than just becoming a Parent.  I'm pleased to say that so far it has been much, much easier for me the second time around.  I know everyone's experience is different, but I feel so, so fortunate.  My babies could not make me happier.

But you can't make me have any more.


Renee said...

love the family pic. :)

Amy Ellen said...

For us, becoming a mother of two was a MUCH easier adjustment than becoming a mother of one was.
I love your family picture!

dancing_lemur said...

Glad everything is going so well! He is such a those chubby cheeks!

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