Friday, January 22, 2010

three months

Dear Joshua,

Happy three month birthday, Big guy!  We've had sort of a rough month.  You've fought your first battle with pink eye and your sister has now brought home a yucky virus from preschool so you're congested as can be and are running a low fever.  Needless to say you've had three doctors appointments in the last month.

You had your shots at your well-check at the end of last month and you did pretty good.  You cried a little bit but were comforted easily.  You did run a low temperature for a day or so afterwards but other than that you were fine.  Julianna went with us and helped talk you through it.  I'm sure in the future you will get annoyed with her "mothering" you, but watching that moment between a baby and a 3 year old was precious.

You've also had two sick visits to the doctor - one for the pink eye and now one for the virus.  Because of that we do know that as of Sunday you weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces and are gaining weight beautifully.  You have the chunkiest little legs and the stockiest torso and almost as proof of that you're wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 

You have the most delightful giggle and are generally the most content baby, even when you're pitifully sick.  We still can't decide who you look like.  I occasionally see your Great Uncle Kevin in some expressions and sometimes I see Aunt Whit. Either way you have the funniest hair style.  It's long on top and down the back of your neck, but it's fallen out everywhere else.  It looks like it may be coming in a little lighter as well.

Dear Joshee (as much as that nickname that Jules gave you early on used to bother me, now I can't help but call you that sometimes, it just sorta stuck)...  anyway, I have to say thank you, Joshee.  You've finally gotten to the point where you will faithfully take your morning nap in the crib or in the pack and play without anyone rocking you or holding you while you babble yourself to sleep.  It is glorious to have my arms free during that brief time each morning we are home and I can tell that we're getting to that point with your second nap too.  Thank you for that.

This month you've communicated your great desire to be upright.  You want to sit or stand (with plenty of support, of course) all the time.  You want to be up at the dinner table watching the rest of us and you want to be held facing out a lot of the time.  You usually prefer being propped up against pillows rather than laid flat out your back although when we do lay you down on something you kick and thrash your arms and legs as if you're running a race your life depended on.  You grasp everything in your tight little fist now.  You'll slowly move your hand toward a toy and if you happen to make contact with it and manage to grab hold of it you immediately put it to your mouth.  Daddy and I both keep saying that you're getting ready to be quite a fun little boy.

Josh, I know you've been learning to cope without your Mama the past few weeks and it's been rough.  I'm so glad that you're such a trooper and you can adjust easily, but I'm also glad to see your face light up when I get back in the afternoons.  I love being the love of your life so far.  It makes me feel so special and so proud that I can make you so happy.  Thanks for being cooperative when I have to work.

I dread the day that I become the mother-in-law of some girl who is just as precious to you as I am.  For now I am very happy just being Mama. 

Love you Buddy.


Anna Ruth said...

What a lovely note to Joshua.

merritt said...

Sounds like Josh and Finn are a lot alike. Wonderful babies!

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