Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was nursing the baby at the kids table at one of our Christmas dinners and I overheard this conversation:

Julianna: Dalton, do you want to know how many rock stars I've seen?
Dalton: How many?
Julianna: One.  Yeah, I saw it one time in the sky when we went camping.
Dalton: Oh.
Me:  Julianna, do you mean a shooting star?
Julianna:  Yeah.  A shooting star.


A week or so ago I was bathing Jules and she asked me, "Mama, why does our belly button look like a chocolate chip?"  I questioned, "A chocolate chip?" When I looked up at her it was apparent that she was talking about her nipples instead so I asked, "You mean your boobies?"  She said yes so I found myself explaining why our nipples are a different color than the rest of our bodies while I dried her off. 

I've heard women's breasts compared to lots of things before, but this is the first for chocolate chips.

And I can only imagine the Google searches that are going to lead to this post.

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