Saturday, May 15, 2010

by the numbers

  • 4 the number of audiobooks I’ve listened to in the last 3 weeks,
  • 5 the number of seconds before my son took a breath while choking on a cereal puff tonight,
  • 10 the number of fingernails I bit off the hour after my son choked on a Gerber cereal puff today,
  • 13 the approximate number of times I’ve listened to all of my Glee downloads this week,
  • 19 the number of days of school until summer break (which means 19 possible work days left),
  • 12 the number of days of preschool until summer,
  • 91 the number of degrees outside today,
  • 1 the number of times my son fell off the couch this week,
  • 40 the approximate number of times I've had to apologize to my daughter for being ugly to her lately,
  • 700 amount of money I would pay for a weekend away right now (sans kids, in case that wasn't clear),
  • 19 the number of dollars Julianna made selling lemonade at our yard sale today,
  • 61 the number of dollars I made at the yard sale today,
  • 372 the number of photos I figured out how to take off my phone Friday night,
  • 9 the number of activities I have to do/really want to do this weekend,
  • 446 the number of entries I just cleared out of my Google Reader,
  • 2 the number of times I cried while watching Survivor this week,
  • 1,296,307 the approximate number of calories I’ve consumed this weekend so far, hence,
  • 17 the number of pounds I have to lose (again) to get back to pre-Joshua weight


merritt said...

Glad Josh is ok - both from the choking and fall. Finn fell, too, recently. Oops.

Stephanie said...

you cried twice over survivor - - do tell why! i love survivor - - watching the finale now!

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