Saturday, May 22, 2010

request for prayers

This is random I know, but if you pray will you send a few up for me?

I am still on the hunt for a full time job and while there have been numerous cuts for our school system and our state education budget, I still have a few ideas for next school year and I would covet your prayers regarding that situation.

Also, please pray for my little friend Vinny.  I wrote about him here.  He's been battling cancer and has just relapsed again with a tumor pressing on his bladder causing lots of pain and blood.  His family needs all the love they can get right now as they spend their last few months together.

Finally, please pray for me as I taper my antidepressants.  I mean this seriously, not to be funny.  I am still struggling slightly with the transition to having two kids and all of the activity of life that comes with it but I also desperately want to be off the meds.  I decreased my dose by half last week and in a few more weeks I will try to go without it.  Please pray that this goes smoothly and that I will not have trouble with it.

Thank you all so much!  I really appreciate my friends in the computer.


Michelle Myers said...


Anna Ruth said...

We will praying for you and your little friend.

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