Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is this OK or is it wrong?

Hubby just gave me $2.81 to go get a cup of coffee since that's how much he remembered it being. When I got there I set the money on the counter (since I was holding Josh and he kept grabbing at it) and I ordered a tall coffee.  The man said, "It's $2.76" and started picking up my money.  I replied, "Oh, I brought too much then. My husband said it was $2.81."  But the man kept all of the money and said, "Thank you."

Would anyone else find anything odd about this or is it just me?


Whitney said...

Maybe he didn't understand you?

Amy Ellen said...

He should have counted the money himself and realized that you gave him too much. My guess is that he knew you gave him too much, but figured that you were not going to say anything to him about 5 cents considering you were carrying a baby and now a cup of coffee. I still think it was wrong of him not to have at least offered your change back to you.

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