Tuesday, June 1, 2010

she really does want to be an artist when she grows up

Yesterday at lunch Julianna wanted to take a couple of her cubes of cheese and make a trail out of the house to "get the mice out."  This idea, I suppose, is a direct result of watching too many Tom and Jerry videos.  Nevertheless, we tried to rationalize with her and ask her if she thought that might make mice from OUTSIDE come INSIDE instead. 

When she couldn't be convinced we asked her to just go draw a picture of a mouse trap that she might make to catch the mice.  Daddy tried to teach her the word blueprint and asked her to design a cool way to catch mice.  So she ran off and got to work.

When she came back this is the picture she showed us:

She said, "This is me catching a mouse. I know you might think I look like an alien but that's really my nose not three eyeballs."

I LOVE that child.


merritt said...

Ha! I think it's so funny that she basically recognized that the picture isn't an accurate drawing of herself and then had to clarify!! So cute.

Anna Ruth said...

I love the picture. She is so creative.

Rhonda said...

3 eyes!! AUGHH!! just kidding, sounds just like something one of my girls would say...

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