Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what if?

Wouldn't it be funny if they made a sick-care facility that was basically just a big room with blankets, pillows, TV, and tissues that you could send your barfing child to for the day while you worked?  No?  Maybe it's just my twisted sense of humor then.  Everyone there would already be sick so there would be no need to worry about spreading germs.  You could even have parents sign at the door saying that they understand that their child will be exposed to other sick children and the place is not liable for the consequences.  See?  It might work.....  Kinda...?

[I hope you read my sarcasm with that.]

Not funny...?  Well, forgive me then.  I'm a little weary.  Julianna has had some sort of stomach bug where she vomited for almost twelve hours at least once an hour.  We have no idea why.  The pediatrician gave me this detailed list of instructions about what I could/should do for her.  It was exhausting just looking at my notes.

When I took Josh to the grocery store to get Propel and Gatorade, he decided to charm everyone by smiling and waving saying, "Bye Bye" to everyone.  Then he chucked a bottle of vitamin water out of the buggy, ten feet across the aisle until it busted all over the place.

The point of this story: Hopefully tomorrow we can say, "Good-bye for good stomach bug!  Don't let the door kick you in the You Know What on the way out!" 

And with the discovery of Julianna's third loose tooth I've had about all I can take.  We're falling apart over here.  Not figuratively.  Literally.

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