Monday, November 22, 2010

contest winner

Of all of the entries to my little contest, Renee got the most answers correct.  Renee, I'll be sending you a $20 credit to Groupon and two boxes of handmade Christmas cards.  Congratulations!

In case anyone else was wondering, here are the answers to the questions:

  1. What did my kids wear for their first Halloween costumes? Julianna was a ladybug/NC State cheerleader and Joshua was a peapod.
  2. What are our pets names? my cat is named Simon and my dog is named (Twi)light
  3. Give one date that I participated in any running event. There are many correct answers to this one.
  4. What did we do for my aunt and my dad’s birthday this past summer that required a purchase from Lowe’s Home Improvement?  We made a giant banana split in a gutter.
  5. Name one of the recipes that I posted for Recipe Wednesday.  Again, many answers to this one.
  6. In what month of what year did I have a miscarriage?  Summer of 2008
  7. What is “Dorky Chickenbutt”?  My nickname.
  8. At what restaurant can you get a really, really large banana split?  The BBQ Center in Lexington, NC serves the biggest banana splits I've ever seen in a restaurant.
  9. Have you clicked my BlogHer ads before? The correct answer, of course, would have to be YES!
  10. What did Jules do with her dance outfit on the first afternoon she had dance lessons?  She wore her tutu around her neck.  Silly girl.

Thanks for playing, everyone!  Renee, I hope you enjoy your cards and Groupon bucks!

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