Friday, March 4, 2011


When I get behind on my blog it becomes like a downward spiral where I think about blogging something but suddenly it doesn't seem worthy of being blogged about when I have been MIA for so long now.  It's like it takes a major event for me to be able to bring myself back and write about it.  More often than not, I end up just having to bite the bullet and write some dumb summary post of everything that I've missed while I've been slacking.  So anyway, without further ado, I give you the slacker summary post.

Almost three weeks ago now Jonathan went to Japan with a guy from work to look at a machine. It was a whirlwind trip and due to the time change he really only got about three days there even though he was gone nearly a week.  Of course, while he was gone Julianna got a high temperature and started vomiting as she is wont to do when she has a high fever.  Let me assure you, it is no fun being a single parent, but it is even less fun being a single parent with a sick child who vomits in the middle of the night.

I tried my hardest to keep Josh away from her and my mom did a great job of staying with her while she was home from school and Josh was at school and I showed up for work. (I was going to say "while I worked" but that seems like an unfair statement.)

By Wednesday of that week, Mom called me to tell me that Julianna's temp had gotten to 105.3 and I took off the afternoon to get her to the doctor. Luckily Mom was able to go with me to help with Josh while we dosed up Tylenol and Amoxicilan in the Target parking lot after disposing of the puke-filled plastic shopping bags.

Naturally, by Thursday night I had chills and couldn't sleep. My throat felt as if someone had sliced it with razor blades a thousand quick times.  Friday I stayed home from work and that evening I made great efforts to get the kids dressed and in the car to drive to the airport and pick up my jet-lagged knight in shining armor.  I have almost never been so glad to see him as I was that night.

The following week was spent caring for Josh and Jonathan who developed similar symptoms as Julianna and I had.  Jonathan missed some work, Josh missed some school, my diet went flying out the window, and Julianna happily returned to the land of the living.

Somwhere in there I started getting slammed at work. I had observations and therefore teacher evaluation forms to fill out.  I had huge quantities of projects to grade, progress reports to get out, and had to find a quick way to get my head above water with my lesson planning.  I'm not the only one pining for June, right?

We went to the beach last weekend with our Journey Group from church.  It was fun, but it's always hard to go on vacation with a group.  Plus, Jonathan and Josh were still pretty sick for most of the time.  The weather wasn't exactly as great as I had anticipated.  Then of course we had to find creative ways to deal with the fact that on the way to the beach our spedometer started perfmoring mysteriously.  It would slowly stop working and then start back again the next time we started the car.  Our brakes started making that lovely grinding sound and Jonathan had to work on those one (long) night this week.

Yesterday I started to think we're finally getting back to normal and Julianna comes home with another tooth in a ziploc bag.  I don't want to talk about the ball of anxiety that turned my stomach into, but it looks like my child will have no teeth by the time she reaches her seventh birthday.  She has lost four since March two years ago (just before her third birthday).

My 33rd birthday is this weekend and I sent Jonathan an email with an hour by hour schedule of what I want to do each day of the weekend.  Nothing big, just like grocery shopping, church, and dinners at Carrabba's.  Mostly, I just long for an uneventful return to normalcy.

That and an extended tropical vacation.

What have you been doing?  Did you miss me?


Anna Ruth said...

I hope everyone is better now. Happy Early Birthday. Enjoy your special day!

merritt said...

I missed you! I know Jonathan was gone for a while, so I figured you were quite busy. Happy Birthday!!

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