Friday, February 24, 2012

power grains :: giveaway

A month or so ago the kind people at Van's sent me more goodies.  Remember when they sent me coupons for free products before?  This time the coupons were for high protein waffles.

First I looked for them in Harris Teeter because I knew they had started carrying Van's products and that was the closet store to me.  If you don't have a HT nearby you can always try Whole Foods.  My HT hasn't started carrying the protein ones yet, but hopefully they will soon.  

Anyway, here's what they had to say about their new waffles:

Van’s has just launched Power Grains, the first high protein waffle nationally available. Each serving, made with cracked red wheat and steel cut oats, offers 10 full grams of protein, more than an egg. As the journal Obesity recently found, eating a breakfast high in protein helps keep people feel full longer, with fewer food cravings, than other breakfasts.  And a study published in July by the International Journal of Obesity has found that children who eat breakfast tend to gain less weight over time than children who skip breakfast.

Like all of Van’s products, Power Grains are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and frozen for freshness so they don’t contain nasty preservatives. Van’s is proud of its ingredients, and makes its foods with the recipe list you’d use at home. (And Cooking Light just named our 8 Whole Grain waffle the best one on the market!)

Just like the others, I found these to be delicious.  I've been eating them with some homemade plum preserves that a student gave me spread on top and they seem to have more staying power than a typical carby breakfast (hello 10g of protein!) so I am a fan.  Thank you Van's!

If any of you would like to try these I've got a few extra coupons.  Please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to share the love until the product vouchers run out.


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Whitney said...

Sounds delicious! I want to try them!

Amy Ellen said...

Hey, sounds yummy. Could you send a voucher my way? We eat waffles every Saturday, so this might replace the Eggos.

merritt said...

I shop at HT up here and would try them, too!

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