Saturday, February 4, 2012

it's going to be a great year

I've been running regularly since Christmas.  In fact, I've been training for a half marathon.  I started running (again) the week before Christmas and worked my way up from half a mile to four and a half miles in three weeks.  On my own.  I think I'm most proud of that.

Anyway, then the first week of January I joined Feet Fleet's Half Marathon Training program and have slowly worked my way up to a ten mile long run.  We run with the group twice a week and on our own three other times a week.  In January alone I ran 85 miles.  I've come a long way and sometimes I still find myself somewhat surprised at what my body has been able to do.

On the other hand, I still have eleven, twelve, and thirteen mile long runs to go but I am confident that I can do it.  This has been a wonderful experience for me.  The race itself isn't until mid-March, but I've known from Day 1 that I could do it.  I really don't have a goal for the race except to finish it.

On my Thursday night runs by myself I usually find myself running a four mile route that takes me by the Caterpillar plant just as it's getting dark.  I run by empty tobacco fields and temporarily abandoned earth moving equipment.

It's been such a mild winter so far that I find the quiet of this run to be so relaxing and stress-relieving.  And the fact that I can even take pictures of this stuff while I'm running is an amazing enough feat in itself.

The only problem is seeing the silhouette of some of that huge machinery in the dark and imagining that it's going to pick up a leg and run after me.

At least it inspires me to move faster.

This morning's run was hard, but the best part is knowing that it doesn't matter.  I have plenty of other runs ahead of me and at least I got out there and did it.

I'm making progress towards those goals.

- What are you most proud of yourself for doing lately?
- How are your 2012 goals coming along?
- Also, what do you think that thing is?

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