Friday, January 27, 2012

in March she'll turn thirteen

Last night at the dinner table Julianna started telling me some story about school that day. 

But wait.  Let's back up and I'll set the scene for you. 

We've had our hands quite full this week with a two year old who already dislikes eating to some extent.  To top it off, he's been sick with a virus of some sort and obviously has a sore throat because he hasn't hardly eaten a thing since Saturday.  So there Jonathan and I are trying to force coax tiny bites of food into our son's mouth while simultaneously shoveling food into our own mouths and listening to our daughter's stories about school.  Quite the (ordinary) feat for exhausted parents, no doubt. 

The story was something about getting to spend their Bobcat Bucks on different treats throughout the day and so on.  It takes her like, a gazillion years to tell a story and out of the blue she did something that caught both Jonathan and my's attention like you would not believe.

Y'all, she used air quotes.

She said something along the lines of "We got to go in there and you know where there's a booth? We got to sit there and we got some candy."  When she said candy she used air quotes. 

I'm like, "Candy?"  Hoping they didn't give her an illegal substance of some sort.

When she just replied by repeating, "Yeah, candy" I asked her what that meant and she repeated her whole sentence about getting candy just like it was totally normal.  It was very obvious that she had no idea what the air quotes were supposed to mean, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

This is the second time it's happened like this and I don't know who around her has used air quotes that she could pick it up from, but it's still just so funny to me.

Also, I realize that this is one of those posts that will one day have to be removed before she starts reading my blog and responding like Stephanie Tanner.

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