Friday, July 22, 2011

twenty-one months

Dear Joshua,

You're twenty-one, brother! No, not twenty-one years. Twenty-one months. 

In the next couple of weeks when you go back to school, we're in for some rough days. I just know it.  And I'm already dreading it.  You have become quite attached to me as I've been home with you this summer.  You cling to my legs and say "Hold you" to me all the time.  You cry the silent, open mouthed, horrible face cry whenever I leave you with anyone. You want no one but mama. I know that will change after a week or two of school but it will be rough getting into the routine at first.

Thank goodness you having been eating better than you used to.  You are always going to be the child of mine that doesn't eat, I fear, but at least this month you've been eating some.  [I don't want those baby rolls to disappear just yet!]  I can almost always get you to eat a hot dog now and the yogurt/cheese/dairy standby usually works.  Plus, you'll still eat lots of different fruits.  I suppose I'm satisfied with that.  It's just not worth the battle that ensues to try to get you to eat more.

Your sister and I have spent a lot of time outside playing in the water with you this summer. You absolutely love it.  We can get your little legs to move pretty fast if we suggest we go put your bathing suit on.  It's also kinda like when Daddy asks if you want to go for a ride in the truck.  You'll high-tail it anywhere at the mere mention of either of these two things. 

Speaking of riding in the truck.  Your father has been letting you ride on his lap and "drive" his truck around the neighborhood as well as the lawn mower and you are enthralled with both tasks.  You're a total BOY and it's hard to be mad at him for letting you do something so dangerous when you look so stinkin' adorable doing it with him.

You also had your first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago.  You are such a brave little man.  You only had to be gently coaxed to have your teeth counted and then cleaned.  You did great and I was so impressed.  I thought for sure someone who does this:

a the slightest clap of thunder would be scared to death of the hygienist's tools.

Anyway, like most kids your age you love everything outdoors and don't even mind mosquito bites on your head as long as it means you get to go outside and play.  You play a mean croquet game, just ask Uncle Seth to tell you about that one someday.

You love to climb.  Daddy and I have started talks about when to switch you to a real bed instead of a crib. Thank goodness your legs are short.  Even though you've hit a growth spurt and grown over 1.75 inches in the last month and a half, you're still shorter than most kids your age.  Completely different than your sister.  I think we'll keep you anyway.  I mean, you can't climb out of your crib so that's worth something, right?

Last week we took you to get a short haircut.  The funniest thing was that you didn't cry or protest until I sat down to get mine cut after you were done.  I don't know if you didn't want me to get my hair cut or what but it was kinda funny to hear you cry over that after you had sat so still while your own hair was buzzed.

Next week we go back to the hospital to get your eye checked out again.  It still runs all the time so I'm sure we're headed for surgery.  My only concern is them putting you to sleep in order to hold you still for the doctor to fix it.  I know you'll be better off after all is done, but a mama still worries.  I suppose I always will worry about something.  That's just one of the not-so-good things about being a mama. Joshua, thank you for giving me the never-ending list of good things.

I love you, Buddy!

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