Thursday, July 28, 2011


Overheard in my house recently:

Jules: (scooting over on the couch behind Jonathan) Dad, do you want a massage?
Jonathan: Sure
Jules: (placing her hands on his back) Well, I don't really know what a massage is.
Jonathan: That's okay. I like to have my back scratched better anyway.


Me: Josh, it's time to go take a nap.
Josh: No night-night!
Me: Yes, Josh you have to go to sleep so we can go outside later.
Josh: No!
Me: (heading over to pick him up)
Josh: (flopping on the fireplace) Josh sleep fireplace


Me: (yapping away on the phone to my sister)
Jules: Nanna, Mama's gossiping.
Nanna: You're right Jules, she is!


(Jules was getting her hair "cut" after we all had ours cut and this conversation took place with Jonathan's step-mom.)

Sharon: Jackson got a sweet letter from you yesterday, Jules. Do you like writing letters?
Jules: Yeah.
Sharon: Do you practice reading and writing each day?
Jules: Well, not really.  Yesterday I just finished entering 152 Pokemon into my database.
Sharon: Oh you did?! So let's talk about where you're going to go to college!

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