Friday, January 6, 2012


Jonathan sings this song he calls "Old Josh Tucker" to Joshua every once in a while.  At the end of one verse it says, "had a toothache in his heel" and tonight during bathtime Josh asked him to sing it.  Jonathan asked Josh if he knew where his heel was and Josh happily replied, "in the mountains."


One morning this week on the way to school Josh was crying and whining about something or other so to distract him I said, "Look out the window! There's the lake!"  So he looked out the window and immediately stopped crying.  He quickly said, "I wanna dip my toe in it! I wanna dip my toe in the water, Mommy!"


I was tucking Julianna in before bed one night recently and was saying our bedtime prayer.  In the middle of it Julianna offered up, "Also please God, help me to stop chasing the boys at school."


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