Sunday, January 22, 2012

twenty seven months

Dear Josh,

Welcome to twenty seven months, Buddy!  When you jump your feet finally leave the ground!  Certainly that's something to celebrate!

It was hilarious one night this past month when you cracked your own head on the coffee table.  I think we had been laughing at Julianna after she had done something ridiculously silly and hurt herself and then you bumped your head right after that.  I think you loved all of the attention and you went right over to the coffee table and said, "I wanna bump my head again!" and then proceeded to conk your head pretty hard and immediately start crying.  It was impossible not to laugh.

You can draw circles.  You can sing the ABCs.  You call the "tornado" at the drain to the bathtub when we water's going out a "cornado" and you affectionately refer to Jules again as Sister.  You know your street name, you adore Blue's Clues, and you've almost gotten the hang of the tricycle.  You're learning the Lord's Prayer, you ask "Why?" incessantly, and you are a sucker for lollipops (ha!) and gloves/mittens.

I can finally say that you now are daytime potty-trained and that makes me one very happy mama.  We worked hard on it the week after Christmas and when you went back to school your teachers encouraged you.  After a week they said you were ready for underwear.  Now you rarely have accidents and the funniest part of it all is when you poop in the potty you without fail declare, "It's a big one!"

With the potty training this month came the I Want To Undress Myself Quite Often Phase.  We find you doing all sorts of hilarious dances trying to get your pants off and then you'll say totally hilarious things like, "I want to pinch my BAH-MIN!" (your adorable word for bottom)

We're still amazed with your ability to learn the words to songs.  In the car you have us constantly changing the CDs to the various songs you request and when you hear a new song one time you already know how some of it goes.  Let's just say, you definitely keep us on our toes when we're driving.

We've had a very healthy month around here until yesterday when we randomly decided to take you bowling for the first time.  You came down with a fever and cough and kept begging to just go home.  Bless your heart.  Let's hope it doesn't last long.  Generally though, you are a much more pleasant sick kid to have around than your sister is (sorry Jules!) so we'll survive.

You still light up like fireworks when I walk into your room at preschool and you beg to go run with me when you see me getting ready to leave the house some nights.  You also still like to sit on my lap and cuddle on the couch in the evenings.

Joshua, I'm so glad that I can call you a Mama's Boy.  You do good things for my soul!  I love you and I look forward to spending every day with you this summer!

Love you bunches, Buddy!


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