Wednesday, February 22, 2012

twenty eight months

Dear Joshua,

We moved you into a new bedroom this week.  We took your twin bed from your old room and put it together with another to make it a set of bunk beds and your sister is terribly jealous.  You sleep on the bottom bunk and in a new room and you haven't protested at all.  I am smitten with the spectacular way you call it your new "hunk bed" and I'm pretty certain that I'll pronounce it that way for years to come.  It makes me smile every time I hear you say it.

You've had an ear infection this month and were whiney enough to want to leave the circus early.  Still, it hasn't been too awful.  Really, the only thing that makes you awful is that pesky two year old inside you.  You fake cry whenever we turn off the TV.  You protest all baths, meals, and putting shoes and socks on to go somewhere.  You beg for certain songs on the radio and goodness knows you want Dora or Blue's Clues on TV all the live-long day and when you don't get your way you fling yourself wherever you can with such force that you are covered in little bumps and bruises.  It's just your way of trying to control what little you can in the great big world and I don't blame you even one tiny bit.  Even so, I can certainly wait for the terrible threes because I know they will only be more challenging.

One day, we were walking into school and there were footprints all over the walls with a name under them for each of the preschool graduates for this year.  You saw the footprints and immediately pointed at them and yelled out, "A clue!"  I had to think a minute to figure out that you were talking about the paw prints on Blue's Clues.  Funny boy.

You are in that mimicking stage where you go around doing all these things you've seen us do.  You'll take Daddy's measuring tape and hold it out against something and declare, "8, 9, 10!" over and over again with various objects.

We measured your height the other night and typically we do this in two separate rooms.  I really don't know why, but we've always measured your sister against the wall in one place and you against the wall in another place.  Recently, we measured you up against the spot where Julianna's height has always been marked and it was quite funny to see that you've just now reached the spot that she was at 23 months.

Speaking of your height, you're finally tall enough to open doors.  You open them and close them over and over again.  Your father cannot stand this.  I don't mind as much; it's the incessant whining and demanding I can't stand.  You say "thank you" quite often, but you almost never ask for things politely or use the word "please."  I guess you'll figure it out by the time you want to take a girl to prom.

Josh, you're still not a great eater.  In fact, the only thing we can count on you to eat regularly is a corn dog.  One day your teacher commented with excitement that you ate three corn dogs for lunch that day.  She said you peeled off the bread and ate the hot dogs out of them all just like you do at home.  The crazy thing is that you won't eat just a plain hot dog as well as you will a corn dog.

Something I don't think I've commented on before is how we'll be riding down the road and you'll start in on the game of A Thousand Questions and you'll inevitably ask about your seat  belt and why we have to wear it.  You'll ask about sitting in the front and you'll ask about why we don't want to wreck the car.  Then you almost always ask me to wreck the car.  It is so bizarre and hilarious at the same time (of course, I don't ever let you know that I find the conversation funny) how much the boy in you comes through in these kinds of conversations we have.  Julianna would have never asked me to wreck the car.  In fact, she never wanted to get hurt (unlike other children who intentionally whack their heads up side the coffee table).

One night this week as I was listening to Jules read a pretty long Dr. Seuss book to you before your nap I was once again struck with the realization that I am so fortunate to have you and your sister spaced so far apart.  She is at the perfect age to want to read to you and you are at the perfect age to want to listen to her.  While you don't get along all the time, you definitely do some things well together.

The fact is you adore your sister.  While she takes your toys a lot and she plays a little too rough with you sometimes you still love her deeply.  Sometimes on the way home from school you'll tell me, "I not wanna get Jules." And when I ask if you want me to leave her at school you always reply, "Yes."  Then one day this week Daddy had to pick Jules up for me so I could get to running practice quickly and when we pulled in the driveway you loudly announced, "We 'posed to get Jules!"  You add so much humor to my life, Joshy.

Some of my favorite things to do with you include snuggling on the couch (since you surprisingly still enjoy sitting in Mama's lap), watch you do puzzles on my phone or iPad, sing and dance to Big Bang Boom songs, and make play doh cookies with you.  We enjoy our hour together just the two of us when Julianna is in gymnastics class each week and we take regular trips to the grocery store and gas station.  Sometimes that can be so mundane but I realize that time together is special and you are usually so much more cooperative when you're not competing with an older sibling for your mom's attention so it's about as nice as it can be.  For now I'll just appreciate the two year old you who still loves to spend time with his Mama more than anything else.

I love you little Buddy.


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