Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A is for Beautiful Madlibs: Christmas Edition

First come up with the following words or phrases and jot them down somewhere.  Then read the story below, filling in the words from your list.

  1. noun
  2. adjective
  3. person
  4. noun
  5. verb ending in -ing
  6. an exclamation
  7. food
  8. food
  9. adjective
  10. noun
  11. relative (like aunt, cousin, son, grandmother)
  12. exercise
  13. way you like to relax


My favorite Christmas gift of all time was when I got a ___________ one year.  Santa must have really known I wanted it because there it was waiting by the fireplace when I got downstairs.  It was so big and ____________ and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!  

I asked _____________ to set it up for me and so he/she took it outside and placed it on the ____________.  The kids were looking at me funny when I smiled real big and starting _______________ in the yard.  My gift was perfect and I was thrilled!

Then one of the neighbors drove by and saw us outside.  They slowed down and rolled down the window and shouted, "______________!"  I guess not everyone is as excited about Christmas as I am.

After the thrill of opening presents we went inside to eat breakfast.  Dad had fixed ___________ and _________________.  It was _____________! 

We spent the afternoon at my grandparents house.  They live in a __________ so that was a little different, but it was good to see everyone especially my ______________.  After a nice game of ____________ we headed home to ________________.

Merry Christmas!

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