Thursday, September 12, 2013


Out of the blue one day Josh put his hand on his hip and said to me, "Did someone call for a cowboy?"

I almost fell out of the chair laughing.


Julianna checked out a book from the library about United States History last month.  It was a children's book that the library had put a spotlight on because of Independence Day.  She studied it for days and then one day she was in the car telling Josh all about the 13 colonies and the King of England and the "De-clar-ation of Independence."

He listened about as well as any 3 year old would.  He finally got a bit puzzled and asked her, "Why didn't they just bring the land over to their land and connect it together?"

She kept explaining... teaching him, telling him about boats going across the ocean and how it would take about 7 or 8 or maybe just 2 or 3 months to get across the long, long way.

I like history about as much as I like to be chaffed while running but I have to admit that her enthusiasm was a bit contagious.  Maybe she will like history as much as her Aunt did when she was in school.


Josh, on how to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl:

"Duh! You just look inside the cake!  If it's pink it's a girl and if it's blue it's a boy."


Only my child cries when he leaves the doctor's office because he didn't "get to" get a shot (and therefore a coin for the prize machine).


Unknown said...

Yesterday, he refused to play tennis. He sat with Teddy and watched me hit. When I could get him to try, he was frustrated. Finally, he got going. He hit 6 of 7 balls in a row and quickly made the 20 so we could go home. He very much wants a gold medal. He will get a blue ribbon and bronze medal when he can hit 20 in a row, forehand and backhand.

Whitney said...

You've got two of the sweetest, smartest and cutest kids! I really hope Jane takes after them!

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