Friday, December 6, 2013

vanilla bean gu or vanilla bean cheesecake?

I'm pacing the 30th Mistletoe Half Marathon tomorrow and I'm a tad nervous. My friend Michelle and I are the 2:30 group pacers. I know I can do it, because I've done sub-2:30 before, but I know it will be tough and I really feel unprepared.

Although, I did receive a nice bag of goodies for volunteering to lead a pace group. Check it.

Here's what I hope I can remember the first five miles tomorrow:

And here's what I hope I can remember tomorrow when the going gets tough:

Tonight I need to make a new playlist. Song suggestions are certainly welcome.

After the race is over I am meeting two of my dear friends from college in Raleigh to eat this:

Oh and NC people, what is going on with this weather? Seventy four degrees and windy today, 50 and rainy tomorrow, freezing rain and 30s on Sunday.

Running and cheesecake.  Tomorrow's looking good, friends! I hope you have a good weekend to look forward to.

Joggy O'Roads

Comments? Song suggestions, pretty please? What's your runner name?

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