Tuesday, May 27, 2014

help wanted

I'd love some help with something if you have any ideas. I'd like to try making a list of "summer rules" for my kids this year. These are not chores; we'll still expect them to help out around the house in that way. These are just extra practices we want to happen this summer.

Here's what I've got so far and I haven't even talked with Jonathan about these yet so they're definitely subject to change.

  • brush teeth every morning and evening
  • blankets and teddy bears stay in the bedrooms
  • no TV before noon
  • do something kind for someone every day
  • read for 20 minutes each day
We will have guidelines and consequences for what may happen if they don't follow these rules but Jonathan and I have to talk about that as well.

So what input can you offer? Any other ideas? What has worked for you or not worked for you and your kids? What do you do differently in the summer?

The main thing is that I want our summer to be fun, but I also want my children to be responsible and not get lazy just because our routine is more relaxed.

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