Friday, May 9, 2014


For dinner the other night I cut up chicken and browned it in a pan on the stove and Josh wanted to know how I got the chicken into little balls.

He also says, "Automagically" which I find absolutely lovely.

He loves Mr. Frack's chickens and playing in the sand box at the ball field when his sister is playing softball.

The other day at the ball field I overheard a little boy tell him, "My dad's taller than your dad!" to which Josh replied, "Well, my mom's taller than your mom!"

He's becoming a slightly better eater with effort on a lot of people's parts.

Sister on the other hand still has no trouble eating.

Jonathan and I just hide in the bathroom and eat free chocolate chip cookies.

Julianna has been playing first base and she's been doing really well.  Last night she got at least 3 or 4 outs.

She's had a bit of second grade drama at school including being very sad for a girl who got suspended for slapping her. She has a compassionate heart.

Jules says she can't wait to do long division and for her brother to be old enough to read Harry Potter.

She asks for pomegranate seeds for snack almost every afternoon.

She rides her bike to the neighbor's house and says to me about her shower each night, "Don't worry, Mom. I got it!"

These are the days of my life.

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