Friday, September 5, 2014

glasses schmasses

Jonathan and I both had LASIC eye surgery to correct our vision about ten years ago. We found our old glasses last weekend and we put them on in our bathroom and were laughing at ourselves hysterically. Julianna heard the commotion and came in the room.

She's been wearing glasses full-time now for about a year and while the eye doctor told her that she really only had to wear them as needed to see the board, I think she's realized how helpful they are and also her vision has probably worsened.  She pretty much wears them all the time now.  She was wanting a case for them that doesn't snap shut so loudly like hers does and I knew I had one around the house somewhere so that's why I was looking for my old glasses.

Anyway, she came in and found us taking pictures of ourselves with really out-of-date frames on and I was practically crying because the prescription lenses hurt my eyes so much and because I was laughing so hard. But then she tried on my old glasses.  She said, "Wow! I can really see with these!"

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